"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 2: Amazing Day

What an amazing day!

We met our son!

He is adorable and oh so cute!

And here is a little recap...
We started our day around 9:30. We walked with J* through downtown to our meeting with all of the adoption officials. It was a beautifully sunny day and the walk was quite enjoyable. There is so much to see here and the city is just bustling. There was a total of 12 people at the meeting and everyone was extremely helpful and were all very excited about the adoption. You never know what a meeting with that many officials will be like but it was surprisingly pleasant and relaxed. We learned all about S*'s mom and his medical history. I will definitely write more about his birth mom in another post. After all the officials spoke and filled us in on the all the information, we were then asked if we wanted to adopt S*. Yes! We did not hesitate on that answer.

Then we left the meeting and hopped in a car with some of the meeting participants and went to the orphanage. When we got there, S* was actually being fed so J* called us over to his room to watch. What a cutie he was!!! He was really interested in all the smiling faces watching him from the door. I could not believe how fast he was fed... I have never seen anything like it. Our youngest son takes 45 minutes to an hour to enjoy a meal but S* has obviously learned that a meal is something to rush through quickly. I am glad he will soon be able to enjoy meals more. And, he eats with a spoon which was great to see. It looked like he was eating pureed carrot baby food or something resembling that. Then he was finished and...

went straight into his daddy's arms! Both our other sons were placed directly into my arms after they were born so it was nice that their daddy got to hold him first this time. It was a very special moment! Then I got the chance to hold him and what a wonderfully sweet moment that was. He was so cute today. They had dressed him up in a nice little plaid button down shirt... he looked absolutely adorable. It was very overwhelming for him though at the beginning because there were so many "strangers" meeting him, looking at him. He was just very overwhelmed and I felt bad for him so I didn't try to hold him and cuddle him too much today. I will let him get used to us more and more through the next few days. But don't get me wrong, he still got plenty of love and attention but we just didn't want to overwhelm him too much. For us, we know him and have wanted him in our lives for the last 9 months. For him, we are strangers and it will take time to get used to us. He was also not feeling well today. He had a fever and remnants of a cough from last week so that didn't help with him being overwhelmed and somewhat quiet.

S* loves his daddy! Oh. My. Word. It was so cute. His dad started tickling him to get him to relax a bit and he started cracking up. He loved it when his daddy would fly him in the air and turn him upside down. It was really cute to watch. He also loved looking out the windows. He had never seen that view before because he had never been in the playroom we were in. Everything, absolutely everything was so brand new for him today. Hopefully tomorrow he will be feeling a bit better so we can play a little more. He loves to put noisy rattles on his little arm and make lots of noise... it brings a big smile to his face. He really liked the little music player we brought him as well and figured out after only the second time how to push it with his arm to play the music. I look forward to playing more and bonding with him more tomorrow. It should be a little easier tomorrow because there will not be 7 people watching us in the little room so I think that will help him relax a little more.

After we spent about an hour playing with him on the mats and being observed, we then got in a car with him and 3 other people to take him to get his passport photos. I felt so bad for him in the car. At first, he was enjoying all the sites but he got really hot because of his fever and started sweating a lot. He felt so hot and just looked like he wasn't feeling well. It also must have been somewhat strange for him to be whisked away in a car with a bunch of people he didn't know. He broke down after getting his picture taken and snuggled a bit with his daddy in the car while we waited for the pictures to be printed. His picture is so cute... his hair was in a faux hawk when it was taken because it got a little messed up and it looked pretty darn cute.

We were supposed to spend some more time with him when we got back but I wanted him to rest instead because of how he was feeling. We also didn't want his first day to be too overwhelming so we said our goodbyes and we will see him again tomorrow. It was REALLY hard saying goodbye though. I was able to go into his room and stroke his hair and cheek and tell him bye and that I love him so that made me feel a bit better. But it just didn't feel right leaving him there... it is hard because we already feel like he is our son. But hopefully he will get a lot of rest tonight and will be feeling better tomorrow.

We then came home and rested a bit while our youngest son was napping. Then we headed out for a nice pizza dinner at a local pizzeria cafe right down the street. It was really good and it felt so good to have a real meal. It is literally a one minute walk down the street, if even that, so we will probably be eating there a lot! There is also a wonderful park one block away. We took the boys to the playground after dinner which was wonderful for our oldest. He really needed to run off a lot of energy that has built up over the last few days of travel. There were so many kids and families at the park which was nice to see. We then took a walk through the rest of the park, did some grocery shopping, picked up some YUMMY eclairs at a great bakery one block away and then came home to our comfortable apartment.

Like I said, quite an amazing day!

(Pictures... I can't believe we did this but we forgot to load the camera info on my husband's laptop so we might not be able to download while we are here. I hope we can, I really do. We are trying to figure that out right now.)


  1. Praise God!! I am so happy that you met S*!!! Glad your meeting went well! Can't wait for pics.. Baked goods are AWESOME!! :)

  2. HOORAY!!!! Did you get my email about toys before you left? Also, did you get the other pictures I sent you? I'm so glad you got to meet your boy. What a grand day! Bummer that he wasn't feeling well, but man, you still got to witness a "first" for him! That is awesome!

  3. YAY! So excited for you and for your little one!!!!
    I hope that the rest of your time in * is wonderful. The baked foods are indeed VERY yummy...they have an awesome biscuit looking thing that are in the bakery in the mornings too.
    If you can't get the camera to download, get J to take some photos with her camera and email them to you so that you can share them with everyone :)

  4. Forgot to ask: Are you in a very new apartment, (with a VERY steep "accessible" ramp) on a hill, with the park and bakery a little further up the hill? LOL If so, that's where we stayed in April. Please give J* a hug from me, and tell her thank you for all she's doing!

  5. Iam so glad your day was better then the first..i have found as i have gotten older i dont have a stronger stomache..are you allowed to give.. s.. any childrens tylenol while you are there??and lets hope the vomiting doesnt happen on the way home..big huggs..

  6. WOW!! Finally you got to see your son face to face! What an incredible blessing! Enjoy your time with him today...I can't wait to meet him. Hugs to you!!!