"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 11: We Ventured Out

It was still very hot today, but not as bad as yesterday when it was 97 degrees. It was still in the 90's but with the cloud cover and slight breeze, it felt much cooler. So, this afternoon, we were actually able to venture out for awhile which was SO nice. It is really hard being cooped up in the apartment all day so having the ability to venture out was a special treat.

There was a Belgrade Food Festival going on at the Kalemegdan Fortress, so we went there. It is only about a 15 minute walk away and it was really funny because normally, Belgrade is a city just bustling with people but today, with Serbia playing in The World Cup, the streets were deserted. Literally. The only place you really saw anyone was at a restaurant that had a television. So, when we arrived at the food festival, it was pretty mellow but shortly thereafter, the game was over and there were people everywhere. It was really hot and suddenly got very overwhelming for Sasha, so we headed out quite quickly. We were going to eat down there but with all the chaos and the heat, we actually stopped at the fancy Pizza Hut on the way home because it was air conditioned. The staff was very nice and the food was very good so it was worth the stop, especially for the cool air. Jeremy and Sasha actually headed back to the apartment because Sasha, as of now, does not like to go out to eat. Jeremy said he did very well back here and had a nice dinner of chicken and vegetable baby food.

As for the sleep situation... I have a feeling the entire apartment building does not like us. Sasha does not just cry when it is night, he screams. And when I say scream, think of a full on toddler tantrum, literally all night long. No joke. It starts shortly after he goes to bed and he continues until about 5:00 am, at which time he finally falls asleep for a few hours. We have tried everything we can think of to comfort him and nothing, absolutely nothing works. It is like having a newborn, a colicky newborn, who just can't be comforted. He wakes up either in pain or scared (we can't really tell at this point but something continually wakes him up in a startled way) and then once he realizes where he is, he gets really mad and throws a full on fit... for hours! I have never seen anything like it. We never had colicky babies so this is new territory for us.

We try staying close to his crib so he knows we are there but not bothering him so he has his space. It does not work. We try sitting right next to his crib with our hands on him or rubbing his head gently. It does not work. We try singing to him. It does not work. We try holding him. It does not work. We try walking with him. It does not work. We try co-sleeping with him. It does not work. Pretty much anything you can think of, we try and guess what... it does not work. So if anyone has any suggestions or has dealt with this before, either email me or leave a comment. We would be so grateful for any new ideas at this point. Anything.

Tonight, we put him to bed in the crib with everyone out here doing their nightly routine and he fell right asleep, no crying. We did this last night as well however and within 30 minutes he was screaming because he was startled awake. It is like he never gets into a deep sleep and this is a big problem. After he fell asleep, we turned everything off and everyone went to bed except for me because I wanted to finish this post. I hope and pray that he will stay asleep but I do not have my hopes up. I really don't. So please say some prayers for little Sasha to help him get through this huge transition period in his life and to help him with any sleep issues or pain he may be experiencing. Thank you so much.

Other than the sleep thing, he is doing great! Today was a little harder for him. He seemed a little sadder and it was hard to coax a smile out of him. I think the honeymoon period is wearing off for him and he is missing all that he left behind. It is a big transition for this little boy and I cannot even imagine what he is going through but for the most part, he is truly handling it very well. He loves playing with all his new toys (especially Hungry Hippo, which he has totally mastered), he loves all the attention he is getting from his brothers, he LOVED going in the stroller today and looking at everything... as long as we didn't stop. The minute the stroller stopped he would start crying. We were told that he is stubborn, and oh boy, is he ever. I think that will be a positive personality trait for him however... it will definitely help him to get through the struggles in life.

So that was our day. Another day as a family of five. We love our three boys... they are all so sweet, so cute and we feel so blessed that we are their parents.


  1. Just a thought Devon.... have you tried white noise??? You can either download something onto your computer or go and buy a cheap floor fan. (That is how my son sleeps soundly at night... the fan is loud and drowns out any noise). Also, I know he is not a baby but you could also try swaddling him? I am not sure how he slept in the orphanage.
    Good luck! He is so cute and I am so happy for you :)

  2. Let me just say ditto to what was mentioned above.

    I was going to say to try swaddling him, if you haven't. I noticed that in a lot of the photos and during my visit to the orphanage that he was often in the bouncy seat...very secure. He may have a real sensitive startle reaction. He's certainly very active when he's awake, but maybe he's used to being more "secure" when he sleeps? The noise thing was my other thought. I was in the orphanage during nap time and Sasha had a little room mate that cried a lot. He was not bothered in the least by it..and I remember that because I commented that I would be a nervous wreck if I had to try to sleep in that room with that baby. So, it may be that he's used to MORE noise...and so, when it's quiet in the apartment and then he hears something like a car horn outside or something, it startles him awake because it's too quiet. He's used to falling asleep with a lot going on around him...people walking up and down the halls, other children making noise, etc.

    Other than sleeping, I'm glad to hear that things are going well!