"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 4 Part 1: Outside Fun

Today was wonderful because the weather was nice and we were able to take S* outside into the play area for our entire visit. He had never been in the play area. He had only ever been outside during the last 19 months if he was being taken to a doctor's appointment. What a momentous day of firsts for him!

He loved being outside. He was looking at all the birds, the trees, the flowers, the clouds... basically everything you could think of. It was all new for him. We took him around to look closely at different parts of the trees, flowers, etc. but he was pretty nervous about the leaves. He did not want to touch those. He also rode in a swing for the first time and enjoyed it for a couple of minutes but then started to get a little scared (his funny face in the picture says it all). It was fairly hot and humid so we sat in the shade of the sandbox for awhile on the benches (no sandbox play for him here because I saw a few pieces of cat poop in it). We brought him a little toy today that he could push to play music, spin to make balls move and move beads around. He loved it! We showed him one time how to spin the balls and he caught on right away and that became his favorite thing to do. And the more we cheered him on with "Bravos", the faster and faster he spun it! It was really cute and I have to say, he is very smart. He catches on to things very quickly.

Another example of this is with the camera. He now knows what the camera is for and he will look until I am ready to take the picture, then he will look away and when I am finished with the photo he will look back at me with a big grin like "ha, ha, you didn't get one of me". It is really funny. He did so great with moving the beads around as well. They were fairly small and he could maneuver them to the other side very well. Once he had figured out how to do one, he tried to do two at a time. He is very motivated!

He started to get pretty hungry about an hour into our visit and began to cry and get really upset. And guess what!!! I kept him in my arms and rubbed his back and started to sing to him and it calmed him down! What a wonderful feeling that was. A truly wonderful, wonderful feeling. We then were given the opportunity to feed him. At first, he did not want to open his mouth for me, the trust thing, but after two failed attempts he gave in and trusted that I would okay feeding him. He eats A LOT! He and his brother Brooks will have a lot in common in that area.

I actually got to feed him two meals today and during the second one, I started to show him just how enjoyable a meal can be by not rushing though it. I slowed down the process and sang to him throughout. He then did the sweetest thing that acknowledged how much he appreciated this. As I was singing, he gave a sweet little babble, gazed at me and snuggled his head into my chest as if he was saying thank you. It was a VERY sweet moment. One I will always treasure. His dad then gave him his baby tea (baby tea... something I never even knew existed until yesterday is his only beverage, he has never had water). He took it from his dad without any issues. I am so glad he is starting to see that we are okay, that we can be trusted and that we care. I know he feels our love for him. I can tell.

We then put him down for his nap and boy, did that adventure outside wear him out. He slept for almost 3 hours! He was one tired little boy. I bet he had some wonderful new dreams today with all that he saw and experienced outside. We then got to do something wonderful in the afternoon, we were allowed to bring Heath to see his brother for the first time. More about that in Part 2.


  1. I am grinning from ear to ear!!!!!!! What a wonderful day for S*!!! (well, for you guys too!LOL)