"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 5 Part 2: Fun In The Sun

We had another wonderful day with S* today. He is feeling a lot better. His fever is gone, his cough is getting a lot better, and he is not overheating so easily. Today there were a bunch of other kids outside as well so he really enjoyed watching the big kids run around. He loves being outside and we are so excited that we have brought the wonder of the outdoors into his life. We spent about an hour or so outside, walking around and just enjoying being together. We love cuddling with our little boy. We just love him so much.

Oh my word, he is so intelligent! I know we are biased because we are his parents but really, he truly is a clever, intelligent child. One example of this is when he experienced shadows outside today for the first time. This is a child who has never spent any time outside so he has no knowledge of the way in which things work outside. On top of that, he is only 19 months old so the fact that he displayed the type of knowledge he did today was pretty amazing. We were walking along when he looked at his shadow on the ground. He then waved his arm around and realized right away that he was controlling what was happening with the shadow below. He would shake his arm all about and then crack up at the way it looked in the shadow. He did this over and over again. I was amazed that he was able to do this... this is highly advanced for a child his age. We also brought him a book today and even though he has probably not spent much if any time around books, he followed right along the entire time. He was very interested and this was so wonderful to see!

After about an hour outside we took him inside so we could feed him lunch. He had homemade baby food that consisted of chicken, carrots, potatoes... it was like a chicken noodle soup stew baby style. He really likes this. He had it yesterday as well. He finished off his meal with some applesauce and was then ready to play again. I went to talk with J*, so S* and his dad got on the floor to play. S* was rolling all over the mats and manipulating all the toys he wanted to play with quite well. At least, this is the word on the street according to his dad. When I came back from J*'s office, his dad was so excited to tell me what he was doing. He was thoroughly impressed with his abilities. He can maneuver anything he wants to play with it how he wants. One clever little boy he is!

We then said goodbye after about 3 hours at the orphanage. Right now, we are probably only going to go in the morning for long visits because he is still so little and gets pretty worn out after 3 hours of bonding with us. We don't want him to get overwhelmed, overtired and run down (he is finally starting to feel better) and if we come in the afternoon, he is just too exhausted. We gave him a lot of cuddles and kisses and I love you's on our way out. It is hard to leave him but we know he gets a really good rest in the afternoon in the only home he has known so far, so that makes us feel a bit better. But, as you can imagine, it is still hard.

He is really starting to come around with us. It also helps that he is feeling better. He is smiling a lot more and giggling a lot more and in general, he is just a lot more relaxed with us. It is such a wonderful feeling. We just love him so much!

We then came back home to the apartment to find our other son Brooks sick with a fever. He was not feeling well at all so that scrapped any plans for going out together that afternoon. So I stayed home with the kids and Jeremy and Ami went out to lunch and strolled around the city for a few hours. They actually ended up at a Mexican restaurant of all places and really enjoyed their food. When they returned, Jeremy then stayed home with Brooks and Ami, Heath and I went out.

We headed up to the park a block away and Heath went to the bounce house area... right next to the infamous jeep cars. Well this was just as hectic and after only 5 minutes I had to pull him out, much to his sadness, because a little girl ended up with a bloody nose inside and there was blood everywhere. Needless to say, I didn't want Heath rolling around in someone else's blood. He was really bummed but a mama has got to do what a mama has got to do. We then walked to the large grocery store about 10 minutes away (most stores are mini stores) and picked up some items. At that point, I was really hungry but we had to get the groceries home so we just picked up a pizza to go from the pizzeria two doors down and came home for dinner. Pizza and an eclair... yum!

Later, Jeremy and I headed out for a date while Ami stayed back with the boys. We strolled the pedestrian zone which is a bustling, beautiful area of town with a lot of shops and restaurants. It was a lot of fun. We love our son's city. It has so much history, is really beautiful, has parks practically every few blocks, is filled with happy people and lots of families out and about and everyone is extremely friendly to us, even when we don't speak their language. They seem genuinely happy that we are in their country. I will be excited when I can talk about where we actually are.

So that was our day today. Oh, did I mention how much we love our son and how much we enjoy spending time with him... of course I did!!!


  1. I'm so happy for your family....Sean looks like a great kid, and Heath and Brooks are going to be wonderful brothers. Thanks for sharing your story. Love you guys....

  2. Hello Toomey Family!!! The Samuelson's have FINALLY figured out this blog thing! :) Sorry for the delay...we have been following as "guests".

    Looks like things are going GREAT! We LOVE all of the pictures!! What a cutie pie! Glad he is feeling better. Bummer that Brooks isn't though. :( Hope he feels better soon.

    I must say...Eric and I laughed SO hard the other day reading your story about the trip over and all of the vomit you had to deal with. So sorry that you had to deal with all of that. I can only imagine. Glad you all made it safely.

    Can't wait to read more about your trip!!

    Take care,

    The Samuelsons

  3. I was looking at the pics today of you guys and sean and something struck me he really does look alot like you guys.I cant wait too see pics when you get home..bigg huggs..

  4. The pictures are awesome!! Love the ones in the sun!! Glad you are able to tour the city and the history. Hope Brooks is feeling better! Say hi to J for me. :) And maybe you will see my son in the sun, and snap a picture? :)

  5. I am so proud of you and am honored to have you as my sister Devon. I also consider myself lucky to have such a wonderful brother-n-law. Thank you both for keeping my faith in humanity and peole alive and burning.


  6. Great pictures! It looks for sure like he knows you're a family already