"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 4 Part 2: Heath's 4th Birthday

Our adorable son Heath turned 4 today! What a wonderful treat for him to spend his 4th birthday in another country. When he woke up this morning it was like Christmas... he was calling everyone to come into the living room so he could open his presents before we left for the orphanage. He was so excited to get an Allosaurus birthday shirt, a Star Wars shirt, a Missing Link action figure, a Buzz Lightyear, a little monster truck, a dvd, a new game for his DS, and some cool building materials. The absolute hit toys were Buzz and The Missing Link and he just kept saying how excited he was to have them. He has wanted both of these for a LONG time. It was pretty sad then, when literally less than 10 minutes into playing with them, Link's arm broke off. That was really annoying... who makes a toy for a young child that will break so easily and it is not like we can just go get another one. He shed some tears about this but we made it all better.

Jeremy and I then headed to the orphanage and Heath stayed back at the apartment with his Ami and his brother. We then came home around 1 and told him he was able to go to the orphanage today to meet his baby brother. He was SO excited! We left his brother home to nap and headed out. Heath was chatting up a storm (like he always does with everybody) to our cab driver who barely spoke any English, it was really cute.

When we got to the orphanage, S* was still napping so we hung out outside. He loved the play area and had a blast. After about 2 hours, S* finally woke up and we were able to take Heath up to meet him for the first time. It was so unbelievably cute and so sweet. He was so excited to see his brother. He ran up to him with a huge smile and said hi, gave him a hug and kissed him. He kept saying "He is so cute!". He then proceeded to show him every toy in the play room and kept talking with him so sweetly. It was really heartwarming to watch. Another memory that I will treasure forever. S* loved watching Heath and he was probably thinking "who is this kid with crazy blond hair running all about in here!?"

We had to leave after about 30 minutes because it was getting so late, and Heath was really upset. He did not want to leave S* there. He wanted him to come home with us. He did not want to say goodbye. I am so glad that S* has such a wonderful big brother!

We then went home and got Ami and his little brother and headed out for his birthday dinner and guess where that was... a very, fancy McDonald's! Too funny. We actually don't even eat McDonald's at home but he likes Shrek so we thought it would be fun to go there so he could get a happy meal for his birthday. The McDonald's was SO nice... too bad they are not like that in the states. I think that if anyone from this country ever came to the states, they would be very disappointed with our McDonald's.

We then headed to a couple of parks (there are a lot here which is great to see and they are always packed with people of all ages enjoying the outdoors). At the second park, the one near our apartment, there are a lot of activities for kids. There are playgrounds, bounce houses, trains, and a jeep Powerwheel roundabout that the kids can drive around. Heath wanted to do this with the 15 other kids out there, so we rented him a jeep for the equivalent of $1. This was hilarious and a bit scary. To have that many kids driving around those vehicles in such close quarters was a bit crazy to say the least. Heath was rear ended at full speed (glad he couldn't get whiplash at those speeds), he then rear ended someone else at full speed and then he crashed full speed into the concrete bricks around the flower bed in the center. He almost flew out and banged his shin pretty bad and that was enough for this mama. He was crying, I was not too happy, his Ami was freaked out because she thought they had seatbelts which they didn't, and his dad didn't seem too worried about any of it, LOL. We also went to a bookstore, a large grocery store and finally headed home for some birthday cake.

And now we are all resting up for day 5! Happy 4th Birthday Baby Boy!


  1. It sounds like your sweet blond boy is wise beyond his years! Happy Birthday Heath!

  2. GRINS! Health shares a birthday with my daughter Angela. I'm glad he had a wonderful day!