"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 6 Part 1: The Love of a Brother

Heath came with us to the orphanage again today and had a blast with his little brother. He loves going to see S*! Heath thinks that he is just so cute and tells us all the time how much he loves him. That is such a great feeling. He isn't confused, upset or negative in any way towards S*'s limb differences. When Heath first saw S*'s picture way back in October of '09, he never even noticed any limb differences. It took about 6 months before he actually even realized that something was "different" about the way S* looked. At that time, he asked me a bunch of questions and was very confused. He and I talked for awhile and he began to understand. Then we went and saw Nick Vujicic and any worries or confusion he did have went away. He realized that what we were saying is true... that S* will be able to do anything he wants to, he will just have to do it a little differently in a way that works for him.

In fact, Heath loves his little feet and legs. He loves to tickle them and basically, he just loves to love on his brother. Heath's face lights up when we go and get him from his crib. He absolutely lights up. It really is a wonderful thing to see.

Heath loves to play outside at the orphanage with all the toys. He is an extremely social little boy so it has been quite disappointing that there have not been any other kids out playing when he is there. It would be nice to see the kids in the orphanage out a little more. This is definitely something that saddens me.

There was one little boy, probably around 3 out today outside for awhile though. He lives in the housing by the orphanage. Heath and he did not speak the same language but that did not stop them from becoming friends. Heath went over and started talking to him about their matching blue crocs (this is the picture where they are standing by the dump truck) and from then on out, they were buddies. I love how kids have no language barriers.

S* liked watching the two of them play, and we let him get on a little police motorcycle as well. It will be really nice when we can work on sitting with him... his whole world will open up even more when he can sit upright. Right now, they double diaper him and it creates the biggest diaper bulge I have ever seen and I am used to big diaper bulges since we cloth diaper. We took one layer of diaper off today and he was able to sit upright a lot easier after we did. It will take time but he will get there. The Bumbo seat waiting back home is calling his name.

S* is so great at maneuvering around even though he has spent most of his time in a narrow crib. To get where he wants to go, he pushes up on his arm and one of his legs and lifts his hips up to swing around. We can't wait to see how he flourishes once he is back home with us and able to move around all the time outside of a crib.

He wasn't feeling great again today but we still had a wonderful time together. After being outside for about an hour we went inside for the remainder of the visit because it was pretty warm for him outside. He laid on the mats with his brother and they played right along side each other. It was very peaceful, sweet and just seemed so... normal like we have all always been together.

He loves to be tickled... absolutely loves it! Mom, he loves the tickle bug like you used to always do with us. This makes him crack up and ask for more. He loves when his tata tickles and "wrestles" with him... giggles, smiles, smiles and giggles. He truly is a joy. Such a joy and we feel so blessed.

When we went into the play room the little boy whose parents visit him all the time (the one I had mentioned before with DS) was in there playing with his foster parents. He will soon be leaving the orphanage and going to live with a foster family. I really hope that one day his parents will be able to take him home. It was funny too because when I looked at him, I thought to myself "oh wow, Brooks and Heath had overalls just like that" and then I quickly realized that those were some of the clothes we donated. What a wonderful realization that was! J* had told us how grateful they were for the amount of clothes we donated and the quality of clothes we donated and it was so wonderful to see them in use one day after our donation. I am so glad they went to a place where they were really needed.

Our initial report from the psychologist was finished and submitted today so if anyone out there wants to know what prayers we need... we now need the MO to sign the paperwork quickly, as in today or tomorrow, so that we can all travel back together on the 18th. If we cannot travel back together it will be very difficult for all involved and most of whether this will happen or not depends on how quickly the MO will sign the papers. Thank you for your prayers throughout this process! They mean more than you could know.

Before we left the orphanage, S* and I were able to cuddle for about 20 minutes and it was so wonderful. He laid back on my chest and we just relaxed together like a mama and son should be able to. He was so relaxed that he started to get heavy eyes (as did I, the lack of sleep finally caught up to me today), so we took him back to his room with kisses and I love you's. If the MO signs soon, we could have him home at the apartment with us by the end of the week! It will be so nice when we can finally bring him home. Hard, don't get me wrong, I know it will be hard (like bringing a newborn home with a completely different schedule and needs than you are used to) but wonderful all in the same because he will finally be out of the orphanage and with his forever family. We won't have to leave him behind anymore which is something I really do not like to do.

Brooks is still sick with a fever and pretty much feels miserable so when we got home, he rested with his daddy and Heath and I took a nap (my first on the trip and it felt SO good to catch up on some sleep). After that we went down to a cafe at the end of the block and had a traditional meal from our son's country. It was delicious and very filling. I meant to take a picture but completely forgot. We got all the big hitters, the dishes his country is known for, which were bread and Kajmak (creamy cheese spread) to start (this was SO good), a veggie salad, a couple of roasted red peppers drenched in garlic (I was the only one who loved this because I love garlic), a grilled meat plate with about 8 different selections of meat (they are known for their meats here, this is one of the most well known dishes), veal stuffed with cheese coated in bread crumbs and fried, and spiced minced beef (this was everyone's favorite and Heath declared that he wanted to go the this restaurant every night from now on to have this).

Brooks and I then headed out a little early to go back to the apartment. He was so sad because of how he was feeling so I pulled out a box of the delicious eclairs and when he saw these, his face just lit up! He had about 5 minutes of pure joy before he started to get sad again. It was a great 5 minutes... who knew just how magical these eclairs were. Ami came back awhile later and Heath and his dad headed to the park to play for awhile. They had a great time until the mosquitoes came out in full force. This city had the largest mosquitoes we have ever seen (seriously, the are HUGE) and their bites are very itchy. Not fun but good thing I remembered the bug spray since I had read ahead of time about the abundance of mosquitoes here.

Now we are all relaxing and getting ready for another day of bonding with our son and learning about his wonderful city. Thanks again for joining us on this journey!


  1. So sweet! Love the foot! I love little feet! :) How blessed S* is to have a great kind and gentle big brother! Praying for the MO timing!!!

  2. I can't tell you how awesome it is to be able to see and talk to you using Skype. It really makes me feel like we are part of your great adventure

  3. I am so happy for you guys! I am praying for you all and thinking of you.