"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hospitals, Lab Tests & Ice Cream

Luckily, we did not have to stay overnight in the hospital last night. We checked in so they could do some tests to see if Sasha has Diabetes Insipidus but realized after we had checked in, that because of Sasha's limb differences it would be very invasive to the the tests they wanted to do. If it was one of us, it would have been a straightforward easy procedure but for him, that is not the case. Once again though, I wish they would have figured this out ahead of time. They know he has limb differences so I am not too sure why this couldn't have been figured out before we had to be admitted to the hospital. We stayed there for 7 hours because the in house pediatrician (not our regular doc) was insisting that we stay overnight even though there was no medical need that warranted this. Our regular pediatrician, who we LOVE and is so wonderful to Sasha, and who is actually in charge of Sasha's care was able to get us out of there though so that was good. By the time we made it home, he was very tired and went right to sleep.

This morning though, we had to go back to the children's hospital to get some lab work done. This was our third visit in three days and Sasha was not happy. The first two days he was his calm self whenever we were there but today, he was happy and quiet riding in the back of the car with his brothers and then when we pulled into the parking garage he started screaming. He already knows that it is not a fun place to be which is pretty sad. He just did not want to be there and cried almost the entire time we were there, which is very unusual for Sasha.

The lab insisted that they could do his blood draw now that they had observed the doctor do it, so we were able to go right into a room and they called two nurses in to do the actual draw. They picked a vein on his forehead and were very confident that this would work. Three of us had to hold Sasha down as he was screaming, me being one of them. It was very hard to watch your child in this situation. Plus, his brothers were in there with us and it was very hard for them to see their little brother in so much distress. They tried for what seemed like forever to get blood out of this vein (it was probably only like 3 minutes) and they finally realized it was just not going to work. So they found another, bigger one, on the side of his head. Luckily this one worked very well and it was over fairly quickly but was so, so hard to watch. I actually did end up with tears in my eyes this time. How can you not when you see your child in so much distress and you are one of the people helping to hold him down? Never in a million years did I realize that a blood draw could be so dramatic but unfortunately for Sasha, this is how it is going to be. Let's hope he doesn't need a lot. It is also a blessing that the nurses and staff (minus the extremely frustrating hospital pediatrician) are so great and work so hard to make his stays there as pleasant as they can be.

So, as of now, we are all home together and everyone is sleeping soundly right now. Sasha seems to love his crib so that is good. During the day, he is very quiet and very serious, taking it all in, but now at night, when I put him in his crib, I hear him babbling and making all kinds of fun noises. I'm glad he is so happy in his crib and feels that he has a safe place at home where he can relax and "practice" his skills.

Tonight, he also got a very special treat for the first time and it was a very sweet moment. We all went out for ice cream to say good bye to Ami and Papi who are leaving for home tomorrow. Sasha has never had ice cream... he has never had special things like this. So we got him his own scoop tonight and he LOVED it! I thought he might be turned off due to the cold feeling of it but no, he was just the opposite and could not get enough. Very, very cute!

Next week on four out of the five days, we have appointments with all kinds of specialists so that is good. It will be nice to start getting some answers to his health problems so we can get him on the road to recovery. Thank you so much for your continued love and prayers for our precious son. We can't tell you how much it means to us!


  1. so sorry sasha is having to go through this =( but hoping you get some answers soon.

  2. Boy can I relate to this one. Andreas is TERRIFIED of any medical procedures. It takes 5 of us to hold him down for a blood draw, which we have to do every 4 months.:( He has little veins that don't work well, and he usually gets pokes several times.

    I'm glad Sasha loves his crib. A loves being in bed, too. When he first came home he would beg to go to bed. Then he would lay there and play and talk. It was his private place to destress. He was also quiet during the day. I don't know if you can put Sasha near a window, but I have noticed that many newly home kids spens alot of time gazing out the window.