"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Guess who said mama with a big smile on his face when I went into his room this morning?! Now that REALLY was a wonderful way to start the day!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I cannot think of a better word to describe how Sasha has been feeling these past two weeks. He seems positively giddy about life! He is so happy and because of that, we are blessed with smiles and giggles all day long. When I walk into his room in the morning, I am greeted by the biggest smile and because he just can't contain all that excitement he then starts rolling around in his crib smiling, laughing and making all sorts of happy noises. What a GREAT way to start the day!

Due to all this giddiness, he will just randomly break out into smiles, laughter and adorable babble throughout the day. He could be sitting next to me on the couch and the next thing I know, he is giddy. He could be playing with a bunch of toys on the floor and the next thing I know, he is giddy. He could be sitting in his bouncy chair watching me prepare food and the next thing I know, he is giddy. He is just so happy with life!

He was even so giddy at his first zoo visit the other day that he actually smiled for the camera... he just couldn't contain himself! Usually, it is very hard to actually capture a smile because when he sees the camera, he gets very serious and then once he hears the camera click and sees the flash go off, he then gives a big smile...that little bugger! But on Saturday, he was having so much fun at the zoo he couldn't even contain his smiles for the camera.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see him blossoming and to see him coming to the realization that life can actually be pretty nice! He is absolutely loving his new life and we are absolutely loving our new life with Sasha!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The "Twins" Sasha & Brooks

Here are a few precious videos of some bonding between Sasha & Brooks. They are only 27 days apart so they are practically twins and it will be so fun watching them grow up together! Right now, Brooks is so protective and loving toward his brother and it is so cute to watch. I have included one video of them playing and a couple of videos of Brooks feeding Sasha a bottle. This all started because Brooks had lovingly gone to his play kitchen and then brought a play bottle to Sasha and tried to feed it to him. Sasha was wondering what in the world Brooks was doing with an empty bottle... he wanted to the real thing! So I gave one to Brooks and asked him to go give it to his brother. He did and the adorable videos are the result. They are too cute so please check them out... just please ignore my annoying voice throughout, sorry about that! I don't shoot the videos with the intention of putting them on the blog but then when I see how cute they are... well, I just can't resist. So, I guess you can always mute your volume if my high pitched voice gets to be too much, LOL!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Heritage Hill Church

This past Sunday, we finally had the opportunity to introduce our family of five to everyone at Heritage Hill Church. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me. I had been waiting for that moment for so long and when we were up there introducing Sasha, I just couldn't believe the moment I had been dreaming about was finally here. Heritage Hill has been such a blessing to us throughout this adoption journey. They offered to throw us a benefit dinner and silent auction before we even knew them. How many churches will do all of that for a family that does not even attend their church? We were blown away be their kindness and generosity.

After the dinner, we started attending the church and I can honestly say that I have finally found a place that feels like home. I look forward to each Sunday where I can listen to some amazing music and hear the wonderful Pastor Ray speak. Each Sunday when I walk out the doors after the service, I feel so inspired and so blessed that I finally found a church that feels... I don't really even know how to say it but it just feels RIGHT. It feels like the place I should be and after years of searching, I cannot tell you how much that means to me. Thank you Stephanie for introducing me to your wonderful church!

The church has been so supportive of us and we cannot thank them enough. We had so many people praying for Sasha and for our family, giving us words of encouragement throughout, lifting our spirits when times got tough and just sending so much love toward Sasha. They truly love Sasha and it was such a blessing to have the opportunity to walk up to the front of the service on Sunday and introduce our precious boy to a group of people that already care so much about him. Sasha received a standing ovation... how cool is that!? He deserves it... he is such an amazingly wonderful child.

I could not contain my tears nor could Jeremy as he took the microphone to thank everyone. Luckily we had Heath to add some humor to it all. After telling everyone about how great Serbia was because of our tall apartment and the bounce houses in the park (what can I say, the bounce houses really made an impression on him) he proceeded to lick the microphone! Well I guess that is what four year old's do with a microphone that somewhat resembles an ice cream cone... yuck! After a big dose of disinfectant, the mic was all good and everyone had a good laugh.

Thank you to everyone at Heritage Hill Church who prayed so hard for Sasha and our family these last few months! Your support and love for our child moves us beyond words and we cannot thank you enough!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Guess Who Went Swimming Today?!

Sasha want swimming for the first time today! I took the three boys to the aquatic center we belong to and Sasha did great. He was not very happy as we entered the building because it resembles the children's hospital somewhat. So I think he thought we were headed to another lovely doctor's appointment but once we got in the water, he really started to enjoy himself. He was nervous at first, no doubt about it, but we swam for over an hour and he thoroughly enjoyed himself for most of that time. I was so proud of him. I wish I could have gotten a picture but it just wasn't happening with just me and three boys in the pool... we'll have to wait for daddy to come along and then I will get a bunch of pictures.

Sasha is doing great! We are so impressed with how well he is transitioning to his new life. He is adjusting so well which just blows us away. He was moved away from everything he has ever known a little over three weeks ago but he is just so relaxed about it all. He had a couple of institutional behaviors when we first met him, teeth grinding when he was mad or upset and rubbing his head on something for comfort, but those have virtually disappeared! We hardly ever hear the teeth grinding anymore and the head rubbing we only really see when he is tired. He just seems so happy and content already and this just makes us so happy and relieved to know that he isn't feeling a lot of stress and turmoil.

He is eating so well too... we are actually already off baby food! Yay! He still gets upset if his food is a little chunkier than he likes but he is basically eating everything we are, just cut up into smaller pieces. He and Brooks both really enjoyed the spaghetti the other night... I swear, Brooks is the messiest eater I have ever seen. The picture I included represents what his face looks like after most meals. He can take anything, literally anything at all I give him, and make a mess of himself with it. It is actually quite funny. Anyway, back on track... Sasha is finally taking the bottle that he can do himself once a day. His dad and I like to feed him his bottle the rest of the time, for the bonding, but once a day, we give him a Podee bottle so he can start to learn some independence as well. He resisted this at first but after a couple of weeks, he gave in and now he really likes it. I will include a couple of pictures so you can see how he is doing it all on his own.

If you are wondering why my children are always in diapers in the pictures (I know I would be wondering this), it is because it is REALLY hot where we live in the summer and Sasha overheats VERY easily. VERY easily. So, I just keep him and Brooks in diapers while we are home and this has been working really well. Sasha is quite content and his body temperature stays fairly regular. I also wanted to clarify why Sasha is pretty much always in some sort of baby chair, or seat in all the pictures. He cannot sit up on his own right now and since I am usually the only one home, I have to have him in one of these seats while I am taking pictures. At other times during the day, we are working on his sitting skills and he is getting better and better each day. I really hope to have him sitting on his own in the next few months. It will give him such a feeling of independence and open up his world that much more. Now if only I could get Brooks to walk but that is a whole other story...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

One Month of Togetherness

June 4th we met our third son for the first time. July 4th we are celebrating one month together. What a day to celebrate! Here are a few videos to commemorate this day together. We love Sasha so much and are so happy to be seeing that beautiful smile more and more each day.

Friday, July 2, 2010


When we were preparing to adopt Sasha and actually still to this day, we have heard the why comment a lot. Well, actually, personally we did not have it said to our faces all but a few times but we did hear through the grapevine many a time that people were asking this...

Why would they want to do that?

My first response to this question is always...

Why wouldn't we?

Sasha is a blessing...

Sasha is a miracle...

Sasha has a purpose in life...

and he deserves a chance to live that life and to fulfill his purpose here on earth.

I hope one day that ALL people will see that the 147 million orphans out there, regardless of whether they have a special need or not, deserve a chance at life.