"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Fun

Hanging Out at the Lake House

Sasha and Dad Having Some Quiet Time in the Lake

Sasha Hanging Out, Enjoying the View of the Lake

Heath Kayaking for the First Time... He Loved It!

Brooks Kayaking for the First Time... He Loved It Too!

Brooks, Heath and dad kayaking with our friend Mark.

Sasha Kayaking for the First Time... He Loved It Too!

Hanging Out on the Beach

Sasha wasn't so sure about that life jacket, LOL!

The Family in the Boat

Heath Tubing for the First Time! Boy, was he Happy!

Dad Doing Some Tubing... The Lake House is in the Background

Heath Swimming in the Lake, Hour 7... Yes, He Swam in the Lake for 7 Hours!

Sasha and Mama

Brooks and Heath in the Lake

Sasha Relaxing by the Pool

Sasha exhausted after a day at the pool. He didn't even make it into his crib for naptime before he fell asleep! He then slept quite peacefully in his crib for a few hours.

Heath Going Down the Slide

Sasha Hanging Poolside

Brooks Enjoying the Pool

Sasha and Brooks Hanging Out Poolside

Sasha's new favorite place in the house. He loves to play under the couch!

Sometimes Sasha wakes up with a faux hawk and no matter what we do, it won't go down so on those days... we just go with it!

Being Silly

The New Truck Toy They All Love (I Loved It As A Child Too!)

Here is a little catch up from the last couple of weeks. Sasha is doing SO well! He continues to amaze us each and every day and I cannot begin to explain in words the kind of joy that radiates from our son. It is a pretty amazing thing to experience. A couple of days ago marked his two month anniversary home with us and we are still in awe of how easily he has transitioned to his new life. He seems to be loving his new life... absolutely loving it. We have spent a lot of time at the pool, we spent a lovely day at a friend's lake house where all my boys got loved on by our friends and their parents, we went to Sasha's first PT appointment (more about that frustrating experience later), we celebrated my dad's 70th birthday (from a distance since we live far away), we celebrated our dog's 7th birthday, and we have just spent the last few weeks of summer really enjoying being together as a family!

So the physical therapy appointment... wow, what can I say, it was quite frustrating to start but ended up being good. This was the first time we have been to the PT with Sasha but our geneticist had being praising this PT and saying what a wonderful resource he would be for Sasha. So maybe I had my hopes up for a little more when we got there, who knows, but his attitude toward Sasha was quite shocking. Don't get me wrong, he was friendly and very sweet to Sasha, that was not the issue. This was the issue... when we first got there, he took down our history and asked what our goals were for Sasha. Well, I stated that we had the same goals for him that we have for all our children. I told him that we do not think of him as disabled and we will not put limits on what he can do. I told him that we truly believe that he will be able to do whatever our other boys do but that with some things, he may just have to find another way to do it, his own way that works for him. I told him that our immediate goals were to teach him how to sit and for him to start gaining some independence with his feeding. The PT was smiling the whole time, totally agreeing with everything I had to say, and seemed to be on the same page as us. Then he did a quick little examine on Sasha and after that is when it all went down hill.

After his quick, seriously quick examine, he said that "I do not feel it is a realistic goal to ever expect Sasha to be able to sit." He said that it was just not possible due to his short legs. Ummm, excuse me?!?! I then turned to him and asked if he had every heard of Nick Vujicic? No, he replied. I then went on to explain that we actually know him and that he has no arms whatsoever and what appear to be shorter legs than Sasha and he sits just fine. In fact he sits, he scoots, he swims, and I could go on and on. The PT looked astonished and said "Really?" Yes, really. I then asked him if he had ever heard of Kyle Maynard. No, he replied. I then went on to explain that he too is a congenital quad amputee and he can sit up on his own, he can scoot around, that he wrestled all through high school and college and that now he is an amateur Mixed Martial Arts fighter. The PT's response, "Really?" Yes really I said and then I informed him I could go on and on with examples of congenital quad amputees that could indeed sit and gasp... live pretty independent lives. I also asked him if he had ever worked with any congenital quad amputees. No he said, he has not. And with all that, he decided to change his attitude toward my son and not write him off for the rest of his life after only having met him for a few minutes.

After about 20 minutes of working with Sasha with some sitting exercises, he begin to comment about how well he was doing and how he was so strong and about how he was really catching on to this sitting thing so fast. SERIOUSLY!!! You, our dear PT, were ready to write him off for life after only a few minutes and after only working with him for 20 minutes, 20 minutes, you saw how yes indeed, he will be able to learn how to sit up. How frustrating. I know I can expect that from people who may not know much about quad amputees but for goodness sakes, he has a PhD in PT that supposedly specializes in prosthetics and he was going to just blow off my son's entire future. How ridiculous but I am glad I was able to set him straight and change his view on what our kids with limb differences can do!

Anyway, enough with that, LOL. I want to say thank you to the Firestone and Biggerstaff families for inviting us to the lake and creating beautiful memories for our family. I can't believe it is almost fall... my favorite season which is especially welcome after this HOT summer. This fall we have two big birthdays coming up as well... Brooks will be 2 in September and Sasha will be 2 in October! We are looking forward to celebrating with our boys. Like I said, we have had a wonderful time the last few weeks and I just love being a mama to all our boys... thank you God for blessing us with such amazing sons!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Future Chef?

I think that perhaps, Sasha is going to be chef when he is older. He LOVES to sit in the kitchen with me while I am cooking and watch my every move. He is my constant companion in there and I love it! He truly does bring pure joy into our house. This is what I see every time I look at my cooking buddy in our kitchen...

Is he not the cutest kid ever!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sasha's New Life

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks of Sasha's "new" life here with his family...

Car Time

Playing Cars (his favorite!) with His Brothers 1

Playing Cars with His Brothers 2

Heath with Tears of Laughter In His Eyes After Getting His Curls Combed Out

One of Sasha's Friends Feeding Him a Bottle, She Just Adores Him!

Sasha' First Neighborhood Hydrant Party

Heath Checking Out the Fire Engine at the Hydrant Party

Heath Getting WET at the Hydrant Party

Sasha and His Mama at the Children's Museum

Brooks Working Hard at the Children's Museum

Picnic Lunch at the Children's Museum

Daddy, Heath and Sasha Feeding the Budgie Birds at the Zoo

Mama, Heath and Sasha at the Zoo

Brooks WALKING! at the Zoo

Brooks "Exhausted" from Walking at the Zoo... a Few Feet

The Boys in the Backyard 1

The Boys in the Backyard 2

Heath Jumping Into the Swimming Pool at a Friend's House

Practicing Sitting with Daddy

Sasha and His Mama