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God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Long Overdue Post...

Wow, this really is a long overdue post. It is time to catch up! The last two months have been extremely busy with planning a benefit dinner, going on vacation and having wonderful visits from both sets of grandparents. Everyone is doing great which is such a blessing. We are enjoying these BEAUTIFUL fall days as a family and are so grateful for our time together. I will try and catch everyone up in this post through pictures. Here goes!

The boys and I. I just love them so much and feel so blessed that I am able to stay home with them. I love our days together.

Ami and Poppi (Jeremy's parents) came for a visit and the boys were thrilled! Here is a pic of all of them at the zoo.

The Zoo 2

The Zoo 3

The Zoo 4

The Zoo 5

Sasha playing some music. He REALLY loves music.

Sasha swimming... he loves his floatie. He especially likes to be spun around in it, this makes him crack up!

Brooks and Sasha swimming with Ami.

The balloon glow. Heath talks about this event all year, literally. This year, Jeremy couldn't go so it was just the boys and I which is why Sasha and I aren't in the pic (he was in the Ergo carrier on my hip). We had a lot of fun together!

Sasha reading one of his favorite books, Heads.

Heath's first trip to the dentist which he thought was pretty cool. Sasha had his first visit too but the camera battery died just as I was taking his picture :(

Apple Pickin' Time

1st of October Celebration (anniversary of when we first saw a picture of Sasha). We went out to ice cream (Sasha's favorite) to celebrate together as a family.

I can't believe that one year to the day after seeing his picture for the first time, we are in a picture TOGETHER!!!

B's New Hat

One of the many ways that Sasha practices sitting up. He is getting a lot better but still cannot do it unassisted. We'll get there :)

Working Hard

Matching Jammies 1

Matching Jammies 2

Heath is homeschooled and this is just such a cute picture of him being extremely proud when he finished an activity recently (it looks like his brother is proud of him too).

After his first choice didn't fit anymore, Heath decided to be Buzz for Halloween this year.

Brooks' Halloween costume. Heath has been this shark for the last two years and wanted to be it again this year but it simply does not fit anymore. So, it is being passed down to Brooks. His pronunciation of shark sounds like the f word though... hmmm, shall be interesting when he tells people what he is going to be!

Sasha's Halloween costume. We have a dragon costume for him but he hates it. His dad then put these on him and he loved them and didn't want to take them off! So, we'll create a costume around these lovely orange goggles :)

Heath with the coveted Red Death from How To Train Your Dragon. Boy was he happy!

Sasha's favorite move!

Enjoying a choo choo ride at the pumpkin patch.

Heath & Brooks enjoying the corn box.

Brooks' favorite part of the pumpkin patch, watching the choo choo.

Heath standing in front of his favorite part about the pumpkin patch, Zander the Dragon.

Sasha watching Zander.

Cars, cars & more cars... A typical night in the Toomey house!


Sasha decided to get in the toy box!

Heath Enjoying Fall

Handsome Brothers 1

Handsome Brothers 2

Handsome Heath

Handsome Sasha


  1. He's getting so big so quickly! You can tell that he is just thriving now that he's home!

  2. He's grown so much!! He looks so happy and it looks like he is learning it is ok to be adventurous! Oh, how wonderful to be a boy! :)

    p.s. I can't wait to have my own! We leave in 29 days!!

  3. What a precious family! It makes me wish mine were little again. Sasha looks wonderful! He has grown so much, and he looks so healthy, happy, and LOVED!

  4. You have a beautiful family!! Sasha looks so much different than his RR photo.