"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What A Difference Two Years Can Make

Two years ago today, Sasha was born in Pancevo, Serbia, a small town outside of Belgrade. The moment he was born, he was alone. He was never held by his birth mother. This day, this miraculous day, was not celebrated. He was not celebrated. There are no newborn baby pictures to share with you because I do not have any. He was born in this maternity hospital... alone.

On his first birthday, this is where Sasha spent most of the day. It was a day like any other spent alone in his crib.

But by the grace of God, he was loved by one person during this time in his life... Jasmina! On his first birthday, at least he had the gift of feeling truly loved by someone (and little did he know that on this day, he had a family of four, halfway across the world, fighting hard to bring him home so that he would never have to spend another birthday alone in a crib).

On his second birthday, on this glorious day, Sasha has a mama who loves him with all her heart. A mama who loves him only the way a mama can. A mama who, every time she looks into his big brown eyes, feels blessed that she was the one that was called to be his mama.

On this birthday, Sasha has a daddy who loves him with all his heart! A daddy who thinks that he is one the coolest kids around. A daddy who feels blessed that he is able to call Sasha his son.

On this birthday, Sasha has two brothers who absolutely adore him!

On this birthday Sasha has a family. He has a mama, a daddy, two brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of grandmas and grandpas. On this birthday, he is surrounded by love!

Look who turned two!!! And look at who was so excited about all this hoopla surrounding him that he couldn't even sit still for a clear picture of his new birthday shirt. Happy 2nd Birthday Sasha... we all love you very much and we are so glad that we were finally able to celebrate your birth together! You are a miracle Sasha, an absolute miracle, and we all feel so blessed to be in your family.

Stay tuned for next week's post about Sasha's big party this weekend. I am just praying that he doesn't get sick since everyone else in the house is battling a cold right now. I pray that he is healthy and happy for his first big celebration!


  1. Happiest of birthdays to you Sasha! You are growing up. I can see the love in your eyes and the happiness in your life.
    Thank God for you and for adoption! What a miracle you both are.

  2. What an amazing birthday! And wow, he is filling out. Happy birthday Sasha!

  3. I am so happy that he has such a wonderful family and that you guys have him! It is so great to see the changes in him, you can tell he is truly happy. He's getting to be such a big boy!
    Happy Birthday to you Sasha!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sasha!! Celebrating with you all :) And praising God for all the great birthdays Sasha is going to have...
    Sending lots of love from Serbia.

  5. I am so sorry for Sasha's blood parents... I think they became victims of the situation, of the country policy and traditions. I wish they knew this happy ending... We are all so gifted to live in countries where every human is a value, and there are no prejudice.

    Please tell Sasha that the world loves him so much :)