"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Sometimes, I just look at my son in awe, with tears in my eyes, and think about where he was just a few short months ago and all the life holds for him now. It is all just so unbelievably beautiful to think about and sometimes, it just really hits me. Today when we were driving was one of those times. It is a beautiful fall day here and the boys and I were coming back from a playgroup get together at church and Sasha just looked so unbelievably happy and at peace in his car seat. He was just looking around at everything and was so content. He then noticed I was looking at him and at that moment, gave me the biggest, sweetest smile that was just filled with love. He is SO happy, he is SO content and he his life now is SO removed from the life he had just a few months ago. He has every opportunity now to follow his dreams and to simply... live a life filled with love. Sometimes, these moments such as today, just move me to the core...

Friday, November 12, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sasha's Second Party... A Grand Musical Celebration!

For Sasha's actual birthday party with friends, we had a local children's music program come to our house and put on a musical celebration for him. He LOVED it. He probably loves music just about as much as he loves cars and trucks, so he was quite happy on this day. He had a Cars themed musical party with a lot of friends (he loves having people around). What more could he ask for.

What an unbelievably special day it was for not only him but for his mama and daddy as well. We both fought hard to keep back the tears as we looked around during his Happy Birthday song and saw over 40 wonderful friends celebrating Sasha the way he should be. The way any child should be. To think back to where he was just a year ago and then to think about that moment in time, with all those people celebrating him... it was truly special. It was truly a miracle. What a blessed moment. Thank you God for bringing Sasha Hunt James Toomey into our lives.

His Cars cake. I have made a lot of cakes the last few years but this one has been one of my favorites. It turned out better than I had hoped (unlike Brooks' recent train cake)... that is always a nice feeling.

The Party Spread

The party...

where Sasha was surrounded by the love of our friends.

We were really having a good time together. What a beautiful day it was!

Enjoying his party...

I LOVE this picture!

Making music with his mama and his friends.

Sasha adores his daddy, absolutely adores him. Everyone who sees the two of them together always remarks about the way Sasha's eyes light up when he is with his daddy.

Opening gifts that evening...

Enjoying his new car that plays "Funky Town" over... and over... and over again. Thanks Stephanie!

Checking out his new truck.

Still checking out his new truck.

Someone can't contain their excitement!

Sasha's BIG moment... too bad he was a little worn out at this point. As I stated above, this was an unbelievably amazing moment for Jeremy and I and we both had to hold back our tears. What a blessed moment in time it was.

A small glimpse into Sasha's special day...

We LOVE you Sasha!!! Happy 2nd Birthday!

Sasha's First Party... Just His Family

Sasha had two birthday parties, like all our boys do. One with just us the actual day of his birthday and then a party with friends and family on the weekend. What a blessing it was to finally be able to celebrate his birthday with him! To celebrate his life the way it should be! I simply cannot explain in words what that meant to us. Here are some of the pics from his actual birthday on October 19th.

Sasha absolutely loves my mom's homemade spaghetti so I made it for him on his special day. He was quite happy!

The first time we were finally able to sing a proper Happy Birthday to him. What a beautiful moment that was! Sasha is not much of a cake fan but he loves ice cream so we celebrated with some special ice cream on this night.

He is not quite sure what to make of this strange stick of fire in his special ice cream!

Brooks thoroughly enjoying the ice cream! He always knows how to make a mess... always!

Studying his new "race car" socks. He LOVES cars, trucks... basically any moving vehicle!

Thoroughly checking out his new car from his mama and daddy.

He really liked this musical card from his Grandpa Gil and Grandma Lee.

Enjoying his new custom sleeping bag, sized just for him. Thanks Gram & Pa!

Enjoying all his new stuff but as you can clearly see, he did not want to take his eyes off of his new car! Boy, does he love that car! He is very detail oriented and he just loves checking out every single piece of this car... every single detail. It is pretty cute!