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God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Changes For Sasha

I received an email from a good friend of mine a couple of weeks ago asking if I would please post some new updates on the blog and letting me know that my blog was "so 2010"! She's right, my blog is definitely "so 2010" and that is about to change! Sorry for the delay in updates but it has been quite busy around here that last few weeks. Some big things have happened for Sasha so here is the first of my updates with more to come in the next few weeks. Glad to be back!

Sasha has had some big changes since the new year began. Some big "big boy" changes that is! Because of Sasha's size and where he is at cognitively right now, he often gets treated like a baby. Not by us but when he is out and about, I think people just assume he is a baby and not the two year old toddler that he really is. He was also treated as a baby in the orphanage due to his size and limb differences. So, we wanted to help him get out of that rut that he simply does not belong in. With Brooks and Heath, we noticed a big change for them, developmentally, when they moved from things like a crib to a "big boy" bed, from a high chair to a booster, etc. So, when the new year happened, we decided it was time for Sasha to move out of those baby things and into a routine that was more geared toward the "big boy" he really is.

First, we moved him out of his high chair and put him in the same kind of booster that Brooks has. We don't use a typical booster chair. We use the Kaboost booster chair. It basically lifts your regular table chairs up from the bottom, rather than having a chair on top of the chair. So, Sasha is basically in a regular chair, just as we all use, with no straps to hold him in. He is sitting at the table like the rest of us and it has been wonderful! He is now closer to the table and is able to interact with his food more. He can get a drink from his cup on his own now, he can move his plate and utensils around, he can touch his food... basically he can start gaining that independence at the table that he really needs. He loves that he is sitting like everyone else... you could just see the pride in his eyes when he got his new chair!

Then, about a week after that, we moved him to Heath and Brooks' room, into a "big boy" bed. We were not sure if he was ready for this or how he would take it but oh my goodness... he was SO excited to make that move. He LOVES his "big boy" bed. He LOVES being in the "big boy" room with his brothers. He is just so unbelievably happy in there and his brothers were THRILLED to have Sasha join them. They love being all together! So, Brooks has his own "big boy" car bed and Heath and Sasha share the bunkbed. Heath is on the top and Sasha is on the bottom. I really decked out his bottom bunk too... he has all sorts of stuff in there that came over from his crib. He has not looked back and does not miss his crib one bit. He is just feeling so proud of himself for joining the "big boy" ranks in the house!

I can already see a change in him developmentally as well. He is not throwing as many fits, especially at the table, and his language skills are really improving. His language skills have just exploded in the last two weeks! He is such a parrot when it comes to his brothers. Whatever they say, he says the exact same thing with the exact same intonation and expression. It is very cute! We are very proud of you Sasha, our newest little "big boy"!


  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this update! He is growing up so much. Thank you for letting us watch him grown and change on your blog. Now, the next time you make a trip for his OTHER changes, do let me know. You'll be just a few minutes from our house!

  2. I'm so glad to hear about Sasha's progress! I've been checking your blog every day for updates.

  3. Love the update. He has changed so much in just a few short months.

  4. That is so great! You can tell that Sasha is just so happy with you guys. He is such a cute big boy! It's wonderful that the transitions have gone so well.