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God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Jackson Hole Trip

We were blessed again this year to go to the Jackson Hole, WY area for vacation. We have some very generous and wonderfully sweet friends who let us stay at their family cabin at no cost. What a blessing that is for our family right now! I cannot even begin to tell you how much that means to us. We had a wonderful vacation together as a family and created a lot of beautiful memories! Jeremy's parents, Ami and Papi, were able to join us again this year which was wonderful. They live far away from us so it is nice when we can get together. We were also blessed to have our very good friends, the Edwards, come out this year! We had not seen them for almost two years so it was very nice that we were able to get together and have all our kids hang out together! Here are some pics of our time together...

Jeremy doing his best Vanna White impression of the cabin which is right outside of Jackson Hole in a town called Thayne.

Brooks having a grand ol' time while we were at the park in downtown Jackson Hole! We were entertaining ourselves while we were waiting for our friend's plane to arrive.

Heath was the uber tourist. He loves anything to do with the outdoors and was having a blast in Jackson Hole. He bought the ultimate tourist shirt (I wish we had put it on for this pic) and a coonskin hat to round out his look. He looked so cute in fact that a little later in the day, a tourist from Japan asked to take her picture with him!

The family... minus me who was taking the pic.

The first couple of days were rainy so we stayed around the cabin and hung out. The boys are thoroughly enjoying the game room in this pic!

Heath and Max fully enjoying the mountain rain!

Ami celebrated her birthday at the cabin. We had a lovely family dinner together and then some cake and ice cream. Ami sure looks excited! Someone has a sweet tooth!

Brooks, Sasha and I enjoying Ami's birthday dinner.

On one of the days, we headed down to Logan and Odgen Utah to check them out. We are looking for places to move after Jeremy is done with his residency and Ogden has been on our radar for awhile. So we headed down to look at the area and ended up loving it. Here is a pic of Ami, Heath and I in downtown Odgen.

Vern, Graham and I downtown. I was so excited to visit the downtown area because one of my favorite TV shows is Everwood which was filmed right in the heart of downtown Ogden. A little cheesy I know but what can I say... I was excited!

Ogden has an amazing dinosaur museum and park so we headed there after checking out downtown. Here is Heath doing his best dino impression! After visiting the dinosaur park, he declared that he wanted to move to Ogden... kids are very easy to please sometimes!

Brooks was just in awe of these dinosaurs...

Rest break before heading to the outdoor part of the park. Heath is still being a dinosaur... in fact, now that I think about it, he spends a lot of his time being a dinosaur on a daily basis, LOL!

Brooks and Max about to be eaten by a dinosaur!

Heath hamming it up!

Broosky heading down a slide at the park that was inside a tree trunk. They spent a lot of time on this slide!

Sasha heading down the slide. He loved this slide! Can you tell?

Heath heading out for the hike at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. We love this area. It is so unbelievably beautiful! We can't wait until we can move somewhere closer to the mountains so the kids can go hiking more often and really explore the outdoors.

Brooks and I heading out on the hike.

The Edwards Clan

Heath and Max exploring the Jenny Lake shoreline.

"Wow, this hiking thing can sure be tiring" little Sashi Boo.

We always have a blast on the ATV's there. Here is Brooks pretending to ride one. Too cute!

Brooks pretending to give Sasha a ride...

I love this pic!

Can't forget us... we had fun on the ATV's too!

Right before our friends had to catch a flight, we headed out to the alpine slide in Jackson Hole. Here is Sasha and his daddy heading up the chairlift to the slide.

Heath and I getting ready to hop off the chairlift.

All of us getting ready to head down the alpine slide. I love this pic because our friend Bill's face says it all. He was determined to go on the slide but that decision, that ill fated decision, made them miss their plane. He knew they were running late here and you can just see it in his face!

All the boys together. I love this pic because when we all became friends just 7 short years ago, we didn't have any kids. Now look at us. We have 5 boys between us! Very cool!

This is what it is really like trying to get five boys to all smile for a picture! They like to go a little crazy so most pics look like this!

The Group Shot...
What a great trip!

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  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! We are actually from Logan, UT and I have lots of family in the Ogden area. It is a beautiful place, you'll have to keep us posted.