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Monday, April 23, 2012

Tigertown Dive Meet for Heath

Omaha Dive Club went to Columbia, MO this past weekend to compete in the Tigertown Challenge.  Here they are getting ready to head out to practice bright & early on day 1 before the meet begins.  So proud of everyone from ODC... they all did amazing!

At the hotel, 6:00 am breakfast call... getting ready to head out to practice before the competition starts.

ODC stretching bright & early... too early for me!

Warm ups on the 3M... Heath was looking so small out there next to all those big platforms!

Setting up for his first warm up dive... front jump straight on the 3M.

Preparing for a back jump straight during warm ups on the 3M.

Getting ready to practice a front fall in dive on the 3M.

Heath & his friend and dive mate Jacob during warm ups on the 3M.

Warming up on the 3M...

Heath waiting in the stands for his event to start after warm ups. This is the picture I got when I asked him to "look normal" :)

Heath's front jump straight on the 3M.

Heath's back jump straight on the 3M.

Heath's front fall in dive on the 3M.

Walking with his coach, Peter, to the medal area...

Patiently waiting to be called to the medal stand.

Heath was so proud of himself.  He ran right over to show me his gold medal... it was unbelievably cute!

Two proud little boys!

Heath & Jacob walking back with their golds... Heath in the 7 & under age group, Jacob in the 9 & under age group.

Celebrating at the Columbia, MO mall with Jacob by going on a carousel ride!

He was so excited to ride the wild boar...

Day 2 of the competition.  ODC on the 10M platform... Heath got off of there as quick as he could!

Heath's front jump straight on 1M.

Heath's back jump straight on the 1M.

Heath's front fall in dive on the 1M.

Here is a video of Heath receiving his gold medal on the stands... it was so cute, after they got their medals, they all started waving to the crowds.  Such cuties... wish I caught more of it on the video!

He was so proud of that gold medal... he ran right over again to show me. At 5 years old, he was the youngest diver at the meet!  So proud of his accomplishments both days!
9 & Under and 7 & under boys medalists from Omaha Dive Club... all gold and silver!
Final medal count... Gold on the 1M and Gold on the 3M and one proud little boy!
Back home and ready to take all his medals to school to show all his teachers and classmates!


  1. What a great post! Heath is quite the little diver! It is so nice to be able to see the highlights of his meet. Thanks, Devon, from Heath's gram

  2. WOW! I sm very impressed! I'm someone who has been through a near-drowning experience, and who tries to stay away from the water as much as possible (which makes getting my boys water-safe a bit tricky!) I can't even imagine standing up on one of those high platforms! Heath looks so tiny out there.You ever every reason to be one proud mama!

  3. Holy Toledo Heath! Can you teach me to dive? You looked amazing up there! I am so proud of you. The kids want to know if it's real gold? Keeping working hard buddy. Hugs & kisses from the Tannaci clan.

  4. Heath did fantastic! Loved seeing the photos and watching the videos. Miss you all so much! Julie