"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do.
God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know,
and holds us responsible to act." Prov 24:12

Monday, August 6, 2012

 "Being disabled doesn't have to be a disadvantage."  Oscar Pistorius

Bowen loves swimming.  I mean he LOVES swimming.  He would go every day if he could.  We go multiply times a week but that isn't even enough for him.  He wants to go everyday.  Each day, at some point during the day, I hear "Go swimming?" from him.  Even at church, he longs for the pool as his classroom is adjacent to the pool and he can see it through the glass wall.  He goes over to that wall and longingly looks at the pool.  He has so much fun while he is swimming... his smile doesn't stop from the time we get in, to the time we get out.  We usually stay for about 3 hours and even then, he cries when it is time to leave.  He has even jumped off the diving board with the Omaha Dive Club a few times recently... just like his big brother!  I love that he has so much passion for the sport of swimming! 

I usually can't get any pictures or videos of him because I am the only one with them.  This past weekend however, their daddy was finally able to join us at the pool and I was finally able to get some pictures and videos of all the progress Bowen has made this last year.  Yay!

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.   Philippians 4:13

I have been working on this skill for several months... basically almost a year now.  He started out only being able to stay on his back about 10 seconds before he sank, then 30 seconds... and now, he can do it for minutes at a time!  I am so unbelievably proud of him.  He is so determined and such a fighter... he can pretty much accomplish anything he sets his mind to!  Next step, teaching him to swim to the side of the pool on his back.


Jumping in... this is what he & Brooks do over & over & over again at the pool each day.  I catch one, then the other, and so on... usually for over 3 hours!  They love it!   Bowen is getting ready to join the Omaha Dive Club like his big brother!


Swimming under water... he loves to do this over & over again.  Then holding onto the side all my himself!


He is doing so good, I am so proud of him!


Showing off my skills 1...
Showing off my skills 2...
Showing off my skills 3...
Holding onto the side, all on his own... now that takes a lot of strength! He has been working hard for months to master this skill.
Looking good Bowen, looking good!
I just had to add this in because Brooksie is so stinkin' cute!
Passed out on the floor after a long day of swimming... so cute!